Creep Your Neighbors Out With These Awesome Halloween Decorating Ideas!

It's never too early to get a start on your holiday decorating ideas, and it often takes only a few items found around the house to create a project you will love. This do it yourself craft video has more than 2,400,000 views, so you know it's going to be good. You can also use the basics for this DIY idea and do it yourself craft for other holidays throughout the year for different ideas and holiday themes. This DIY idea uses chicken wire for the spookiest yard. You will use the chicken wire to make some ghosts for your yard that will be the talk of the neigborhood. The most difficult thing about the chicken wire is getting it to lay down flat. You will start by laying down the chicken wire and measuring it out into a square. Then fold the square in half until you have two triangles. Then cut the triangles with some pliers or wire cutters. Now attach two of the triangles together, you want to repeat this process, so you end up with four triangles. You want to attach the two sets of large triangles together. It will make more sense once you watch the do it yourself craft and video on the Hometalk site.

To make the bodice or the top, shape the chicken wire into any design. There is no wrong or right way to do this do it yourself craft, and each project to do will be unique. You will just have to be creative and have fun with this DIY idea and project to do. For the diy idea in the video, an extra piece was added on the bottom to create a cool ruffle to give the whole thing some more dimension. Then take it outside at this point and spray it with some glow in the dark spray paint, which will give this do it yourself craft a unique look, especially at dusk. Now attach your chicken wire ghost to the grass using some landscape pins. This is where the DIY idea and project to do starts to get exciting because it's starting to take shape.

Once you have made one of these do it yourself craft ghosts or other holiday ideas, you are going to want to make another. For this DIY idea and project to do, another ghost was made and a man. This is a fun project and one you will be sure to try again. You'll want to take a look at the video and see all of the fun creations that were made. Now that you have your characters made out of the chicken wire you will want to make some floating candles. To do this, you will want to use a utility knife and cut a paper towel roll to make two candles. Next, you will use hot glue around the top of the paper towel roll and let it drip down the side so that it looks like hot wax. Next, you will want to paint the candle white. For the flame of this candle, you will use a fake tea light candle that you can get from the Dollar Store. You'll want to poke some holes in the top of the candle using a pin. You will then thread some fishing line through the candle to make a net to hold the tea light. For the full step by step tutorial, you will want to take a look at the Hometalk site.

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