He Decided To Built This Artistic Modern Home In The Middle Of The Desert - Find Out Why!

This small, spread out Desert Nomad House in the beautiful yet desolate desert of Arizona takes the normal home design concepts and totally turns them upside-down. Designs in this day and age are stepping outside the box so to speak, and designers are interesting in creating structures that not only serve a function but also serve as an artistic statement. For dwellings in the desert, you are more likely to see adobe structures that are built out of the sands and clays that are found in the desert. But the implementation of the industrial looking steel, really makes a beautiful contrast to the soft landscapes of the desert. The sleek lines and angles of the tiny house surprisingly flows with the starkness of the desert. The soft curves of the desert dunes and the rounded cactuses provide the perfect compliment to the orange, rusted straight-edged steel, and the glass panels that cover the front walls of the homes. The juxtaposition of the glass mixed with the steel makes for a very modern and industrial feel for the homes and gives them so much artistic quality. The homes were designed by Rick Joy, and so much thought and creativity was put into them and the overall concept.

This compartmental concept is something fairly new, to have multiple buildings serving the function of one home. The Desert Nomad House consists of three tiny houses that each serve a different purpose, yet their design flows seamlessly in their compound. One of the tiny units is the kitchen combined with the living room space with dining and comfortable lounge seating. Another of the units is the bedroom and bathroom tiny house creating a little personal retreat, and another is the tiny office unit of the house. What helps to make the pieces of the home flow together so well, even though they are not connected, is that the interior design and decor all matches and uses similar elements that remain consistent in each of the separate units. On the walls of each unit, they have used a light wooden panelling, which creates a warm, yet open feel to the home. The warm coloured Persian rugs help to soften each of the rooms as well as provide some colour and texture to the otherwise fairly minimal decor in each of the units.

The consistency is achieved by using the same colour pallet in each of the units and using the same pieces of artistic interest in them all. They have used a collection of similarly sculpted statues; that appear to be from the same artist. These sculptures add some visual interest to the home, as well as creating conversation pieces. They look quite otherworldly actually, which lends to the mystery of the desert. This tiny house concept would be perfect for an artist or someone seeking something totally unconventional in a home. Perhaps for an architect or an interior designer. It is always so wonderful to see designs like this that shake the mould of what is perceived as "normal" and stretches the boundaries of what we know. With tiny home design, the sky is the limit, and there are so many wonderful options and ideas to explore as this project clearly shows us.

This modern desert nomad house was available for sale for a hefty $975,000, but it seems to have sold. But we can enjoy it through the internet and be inspired by it's unique and artistic design. Enjoy looking through the photos on Small Spaces Addiction!

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