Squeeze 27 Diapers Into a Frying Pan

You won't believe what squeezing 27 diapers into a frying pan will make. If you are looking for an excellent DIY idea for a baby shower gift, you will want to take a look at this project to do. With a frying pan and some diapers, you can make this adorable diaper motorcycle baby shower gift. For this do it yourself craft you will need two-sided tape, rubber bands, two baby bibs, five receiving blankets, two small baby bottles, one sippy cup, one baby washcloth, one pair of booties, one box, size six baby diapers. You will also need two paper rolls, some ribbon, and extras for decoration. A good idea is to shop for these materials at the Dollar store as you will save money. For t his diy and project to do a frying pan was used to hold the diapers to form them into a wheel. A total of 54 diapers are needed for this diy idea, with 27 diapers used per tire. The three-wheel bikes, take a smaller diaper size for a smaller wheel.

You secure the diapers with a huge rubber band. Your toilet paper roll is used as the axel. To make you will start putting it together. Rolling your receiving blankets and weaving them through. Secure everything with two-sided tape and rubber bands. The sippy cup is used as the headlight in this do it yourself craft. Bibs are used as the fenders, baby booties for the grips, receiving blankets are used for the frame and the handles. Ribbon, some rubber bands and two-sided tape is what holds everything in this do it yourself craft together. You can get creative with this DIY idea. You might try and make a three wheels bike. This is an excellent idea especially if dad loves motorcycles. This is sure to be the highlight of any baby shower that you go to, and a diy idea you will be sure to use again and again.

This do it yourself craft is an idea that you will find on the internet with different variations on the number of diapers and baby materials used. This diy idea and tutorial is just one of the diy idea you might try. You can also use a smaller frying pan, with about ten inches or 12 inches to hold the diapers as you roll them into place. You can also add many extras. Each do it yourself craft idea for this diaper motorcycle is different, so you can mix it up anyway that you choose. The diaper rolling for the wheels looks the hardest, but it's not difficult to do at all. Once you get the hang of it, you'll feel like an expert. For this do it yourself craft once you roll the baby blankets and then stretch them to fit into craft lengthwise, through the axel of the motorcycle you then secure them with a small rubber band. You then tuck that inside the toilet paper roll, so you don't see it. For the full step by step tutorial, you will want to take a look at the Hometalk site. This is a fun way to fit in a lot of baby gifts that the parents are sure to be quite thankful for. It's always a good idea when doing any do it yourself craft to look at all the step first before making.

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