Students From Sacramento Built Amazing Solar-powered Tiny Home For The Ultimate Debt-free Living! Genius!

The future of tiny house designs is looking bright. With this tiny cabin on wheels built by a team of students from Sacramento State, working under the name Sol Vespiade, have designed this beautiful self-sustaining eco building that reflects a new sustainable way of living for future generations. The solar-powered, eco-building has 400-square-feet of space and a comfy interior. The tiny cabin on wheels is a powerhouse of energy generation that has the ultimate in flexible, off-grid living. The exterior of the tiny cabin on wheels was clad in a light paint color with cedar trim. However, this classic eco building has been modernized with a variety of innovative and visible sustainable features that help take this tiny house design into the future of sustainable living. Outside is a vertical wall of solar panels that were installed on the northern facade, complementing the roofs solar array, to help provide the home with ample electricity.

Alternatively, the tiny cabin on wheels southern facade is equipped with an evacuated tube solar collector, which helps to converts the sunlight into heat for water. The solar power system is protected by a rigid steel frame that helps keep it safe while traveling. For the tiny cabin on wheels water needs, a 40-gallon rainwater collection tank was affixed to the eco buildings western side. The tiny cabin on wheels entrance is through two wide french doors that swing out sot that they don't take up too much space once inside the tiny house design. The living space in this tiny cabin on wheels is light and airy thanks to the glass doors along with a large bay window that sits over an extended counter/dining space. In addition to the natural light that they offer, the multiple windows in the tiny house design help to provide cross ventilation to create a healthy, natural atmosphere, reducing the need for air conditioning. The interior design of this tiny house design is a sophisticated blend of a teal color on the walls, accented with lovely honey-toned wood paneling.

You may not pay much attention to the sun on an everyday basis, only thinking about it when its gotten too hot outside, or when you need to protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen. But while the sunlight may not play a big part in your everyday living, the sun certainly has the power to fuel your lifestyle tomorrow. Sunlight has the potential to help generate significant amounts of energy for your eco building and the world. Even cloudy locations typically receive at least two hours of sunlight per day. Cloudy locations receive about 2.5 hours per day of sunlight, while sunnier locations receive about 5.5 hours of sunlight per day. Solar panels can work even on days that are cloudy. And while sunny days will produce more solar energy, solar panels will continue to draw energy from the sun even when the weather is cloudy. Whether the sunlight is indirect or diffused, it will still help to power your solar tiny cabin on wheels or eco-building. Cloudy days usually produce around 10percent to 20percent of the amount that is produced on sunny days. Solar power is a reliable energy system, and when the power plants and the electrical grids fail, hundreds or thousands of homes may be left without power. In severe natural disasters, that could mean there will be homes that are left powerless for several days, even weeks.

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