These 10 Incredibly Special Tree Houses Are So Unique It's Crazy!

When you think of a tree house, your mind possibly conjures up images of a little rickety platform in a tree that was a special hideout. Perhaps you had a beautiful upscale playhouse that had a roof, walls, windows and a very cool ladder giving you access to this magical place of make-believe when you were growing up.

The tree houses we are going to show you are a far cry from these child size abodes.

There are countries where people have historically lived in tree houses. The Kombai that are a Papuan people live in Papua, Western New Guinea in Indonesia. They traditionally lived in tree house dwellings of a substantial size. They built their homes up in trees as it offered protection from raiding enemy tribes. That is only one example of a people that make their homes in trees.

The tree houses we are going to tell you about are a far cry from either of the two styles mentioned above.

There is a trend towards creative, artistically designed tree houses that will capture your imagination and admiration.

Man has an uncanny ability to not only conceive of an idea, but to put that idea into motion and make pretty much anything these days.

The architectural masterpieces are made from a variety of materials. There is a Harbor Diner in Okinawa Japan that sits in a massive Gajumaru tree that you can either climb a spiral stairway to enter or there a built in elevator inside the truck. Pretty unique!

In the middle of the Costa Rican jungle, stands a 50 foot pedestal and atop it a 1965 Boeing jet. This serves as a luxury hotel.

One of my personal favorites is a three story tree house in a British Columbia forest that is so charming and natural in its appearance, it just seems to belong there.

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