They Had An Old Useless Barn Behind Their House. Then They Got The Idea - What They Made Out Of It Is More Than BEAUTIFUL!

This guest cabin is tucked among oak, buckeye and redwood trees in southern California and is The Perfect Tiny Home Build for about $15,000. The tiny guest house replaced a small barn that previously stood on the property in Ross, California, behind the owners house. The old barn was too far gone to save but Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design used it as inspiration, designing a new cabin and garage that would fit the areas rural character. Wood from the barn was salvaged and used for siding on the new structures. The cabins interior also features wood finishes and custom cabinetry, all of it handcrafted by artist Scott Constable. The wood they used for the tiny house build, mostly salvaged deodar cedar, came from sustainable local sources.

The guest cabin is actually on a separate legal lot from the main house. Because of that, the local government required that it be treated as an independent dwelling, complete with its own kitchen and two covered parking spaces. This created somewhat of a challenge for the design team, but they worked it out beautifully. The architects separated the parking from the cabin, designing a one-car garage that looks more like a stable, and added a trellis on one side for the second parking space. They figured that keeping the parking space looking a bit more rustic would help to keep the country style vibe that the house has, while complying with the regulations they needed to meet.

The cabins 714 ft2 (66.3 m2) floor plan slopes down with the terrain. At the low end is the living room, where vaulted ceilings and large windows impart a sense of spaciousness, making the tiny home feel quite large. The kitchen and dining areas, a couple of steps up, have a lower ceiling for a more intimate feeling. The dining space is a cozy nook with built-in seating and storage, also designed and built by Scott. A few more steps brings you to the bedroom and bathroom at the far end of the cabin. There is also a sleeping loft over the kitchen and dining level for additional space, which is always nice to have in a tiny home. Shed-roofed dormer windows provide enough headroom for standing up in the tiny house loft, and offer views over the beautiful country side property.

The mix of the wood and the drywall looks gorgeous inside the home. It definitely has a feel of a country cabin style home, mixed with the elegance of a inner city condo. There is plenty of storage which is always a necessity in a tiny home, it seems that when everything has a proper place, and can be tucked away, the home can remain clutter free and pleasant. They have also built on a beautiful expansive deck onto the tiny home, which creates the perfect place to lounge on some patio furniture in the warmer summer and spring months. Creating adequate outdoor living space is another wonderful way to stretch the square footage of a tiny house. Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design has a variety of amazing projects they have done in the California area, including this lovely rustic chic tiny guest house. They have also built larger projects like the Los Altos House, which is a a beautiful contemporary style home. As well as the Brettkelly Residence in Oakland, California, which is contemporary take on a colonial style family home. Check out the tiny guest house on their website with more photos!

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