Tree House With Jacuzzi and Sauna? No Way! This Fairy Tale Vacation Home Has It All

All my life, Ive always wanted to stay in a fairytale-like house. Sweet Pea, Im your fairy Godmother. And Im here to make all your dreams come true. Do you want a fairytale like vacation? Why not try to unwind in this Chateaux Dans Les Arbres in France? Id love to! Well, do you want to get inside? I do! Great! Lets go into each room in the house and feel like a princess with your Prince Charming later. Great idea! Lets move on, shall we? *winks*

Chateaux Dans Les Arbres is an ideal setting for your Cinderella-like vacation. This fairytale home is made of wood. For your information, this is a tree house. This vacation house consists of four tree houses: Cabane Monbazillac, Cabane Hautefort, Cabane Milandes, and Cabane Puybeton. This Cabane Monbazillac can accommodate two persons. It has a bedroom with a large double bed, a mini bar, dressing gowns, a Jacuzzi on the terrace, and Wi-Fi. Each night costs 225 Euros, and this includes your breakfast. *winks*

The second tree house which is the Cabane Hautefort, can accommodate 2 to 6 persons. This is the largest tree house. It has three bedrooms with a double bed, a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi player, and TV with home cinema. Not only that! It also has a spa for 6 persons! It only costs 235 Euros per night. Oh wow. I should start packing right now.

The third of the four amazing tree houses is the Cabane Milandes. This tree house can accommodate 2-4 persons. It has two bedrooms, one with a double bed and the other with a bunk bed for two. It also has a mini bar, Wi-Fi, and a Jacuzzi. How much is per night? 225 Euros. *winks*

The last one is the Cabane Spa Pubeyton. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a tree house with hot tub and sauna for two persons! *eyes sparkle* The tree house has a bedroom with double bed, a spacious bathroom with walk-in shower, a mini bar, docking station, flat screen LCD TV, an indoor sitting room with arm place and arm chair, an outstanding overflow spa, and Finnish sauna. Your 265 Euros is worth it, baby!

Need I say more? This tree house has it all! What are we waiting for, princess? The fairytale vacation starts now! Go grab you stuff and enjoy what Chateaux Dans Les Arbres has to offer! For more photos, visit Small House Bliss website below. *winks*

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